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The precision parts we manufactured & the 2D/2.5D vision measuring instrument applicable for a range of Industries:
Show you how JVPrecision work with a range of industries to provide custom-made precision parts and vision measuring solutions to support our valued clients in effectively improving the manufacturing accuracy and quality of products, optimizing the production process, and improving production efficiency.


JV-Precision had good know-how for telecommunication chassis, to Offering a range of services that allow for rapid product introduction, quick response to changing market conditions and a strong supply chain offering many types of material for every application, in addition, providing extra services like: laser etching logo, Friction-Stir Welding to suit the design needs.


Providing custom services by various prototyping and production techniques that meet the unique needs of the machinery industry. Subject to different quantity, design geometry, and the precision tolerances allowed, we choose from CNC machining, Rapid Tooling, Vacuum Casting, Die Casting techniques and different surface finishing services, we deliver cost reasonable solution. At every stage of the manufacturing process, we strict control material verification, quality and timeline.

Consumer Products

We offer flexibility and the capabilities to realize from prototype to series production within your timeline. Providing all services from PCB design, electrical spare parts confirm, structure design and production to the whole assembly under one roof. Our operators can move rapidly to be a production line workers to do assembly.


The customized products for the medical Industry must be the highest standards, there would be not compromises on the quality of materials and workmanship for medical manufacturing. The entire supply chain should be completely transparent and traceable to ensure no contamination of the finished product. It’s JV-Precision’s honour to have worked with medical industry leaders to bring new products to the market. “Just free your design from any constraints, let JV Precision brings your ideas to the reality”.


2D/2.5D Vision Measuring Instrument is a professional equipment used for precise detection and measurement of product size, shape, position, angle, etc. It utilizes various technical means such as high-definition cameras, lenses, and laser scanners to quickly and accurately capture images and process data. Suitable for manufacturing, processing, quality inspection and other fields that require precise measurement of complex parts, such as automobiles, military aviation and aerospace, electronic equipment, medical devices and other fields

Injection Molding

By using 2D/2.5D Vision Measuring Instrument, the rapid detection and data acquisition of parts can be realized, and some small deformations, defects or errors that are difficult for human eyes to detect can be detected at the same time, so as to improve the accuracy and reliability of measurement. During the production process, finished products can be inspected at any time, problems can be identified and corrected in a timely manner, thereby reducing defect rates, improving product quality and customer satisfaction. In addition, in the fields of communication, semiconductor, etc., the 2D/2.5D Vision Measuring Instrument can test and analyze micro components, providing more detailed component inspection and testing solutions.

JV Precision Manufacturing Co.. Ltd is a professional precision machining parts & Vision Measuring Instrument manufacturer.



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