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CNC Automatic Video Measuring System
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CNC Automatic Video Measuring System

CNC automatic video measuring system capable of convenient and fast 3D coordinate measurement and scanning SPC classification
results, meet the modern manufacturing dimension detection requirements have become increasingly prominent: measurement needs
more speed, more convenient, more precise, to solve the manufacturing industry in the development of a bottleneck technique.
The path of measurement process, focus, location, function switching, manual correction, light matching process programming.
With the auto focus and regional search, target, edge extraction, fuzzy computing science horse selecting the realization of artificial
intelligence, can automatically correct the offset caused by the difference and difference to realize workpiece positioning accurate
location, with high accuracy and repeatability. To enable the operator from precise visual alignment fatigue, frequent selection,
repeated positioning, function switching operation and other monotonous increasingly heavy task to be measured out,
hundreds of times to improve the batch measuring efficiency, meet the needs of industrial sampling and mass detection.
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1: Software and EXCEL, WORD seamless connection, can achieve measurement data direct report output.

2: AutoCAD engineering drawings can be interchanged, and the error between the direct discrimination and engineering drawings can be made to reverse engineering drawings of AutoCAD graphics.

3: Variety of the same pattern processing, the same kind of graphics of different kinds of description form, suitable for all kinds of cases of workpiece measurement.

4: With the view and enlarge the overall map function, and can zoom, also can be directly modified and marked in the charts, almost have the function of CAD.

5: Powerful descriptive function, through the automatic subpixel capture and automatic capture of regional  software can make the drawing speed faster, more accurate measurement, and has the classical cross line measurement, input line, circle and description, accurate R angle function.

6: Rich human tagging function, in real-time images and virtual images of all two-dimensional size, tolerance tagging.

7: Diversification of coordinate settings, including coordinate translation, coordinate rotation, two points to determine the X axis, two points to determine the Y axis, three points to determine the coordinates.         

8: Perfect automatic control system, according to the need to adjust the number of decimal places, report information and the selective output of graphic information.

9: Unique accurate height measurement function, maximum multiple height measurement accuracy of less than 5 microns.

10. Map : Map shooting function, the workpiece can be photographed, and can carry out the virtual measurement and preservation of HD pics. 11: Simple, convenient, accurate scale is more positive function, can take scale at the same time automatic more positive CCD.

12: Perfect map navigation function, you can quickly find the location of the workpiece to be measured.

13: Professional drawings comparison function, so that faster measurement, higher accuracy.

14:Can get one-click quick sizes checking


* Whole machine adopts Shandong Jinan high-precision granite structure, column and worktable, which has good temperature stability and resistance to deformation。

*Double-decker marble workbench design、three axes are all imported HIWIN high-precision linear guides and TBI grinding-grade ball screw drive. The noise is low and the vibration is small, and the dynamic geometric error is minimal.

* Three axis friction precision transmission, sensitive and reliable, no gap, and can move quickly.

* High quality optical systems and high resolution CCD ensure high quality measurement pictures.

* Programmable light source, the surface light can be raised and lowered to achieve large angle lighting.

* Changchun optical Institute precision optical ruler, the resolution is 0.001mm, the repeatability accuracy is 0.001mm.

* Professional measurement software, powerful, easy to operate.

* One click quick measurement button

* Optional Renishaw or TESA touch trigger probes for dimensional measurement.

* Can select dual CCD positioning function.

Technical Specifications:

Model                                        VMC-3020                 VMC-4030            VMC-5040

Measuring range(mm)       300*200*150                  400*300*150 500*400*200


Platform load capacity  15kgs

Operating mode The mouse or a rocker

Magnification Optical Magnify Zoom:0.75X-4.5X; Image Magnify Zoom:28X-230X

Resolution 0.001mm

Accuracy (3+L/200)um

Repeatability 2um

CCD 700TVL color CCD

Measuring System CNC Automatic Measuring System

Applicable environment Temperature:20degree±5degree; Humidity:45%~75%

Power supply (110V/220V)±10%  50Hz/60Hz


Widely used in measurement in industries such as machinery, electronics, hardware, injection molding, autos, watches, cell phone accessories, components, household appliances, mining, die-cutting, packaging , printing, computer peripherals, new energy, education, etc.

Measuring Elements (Length, width, height, spacing between holes, thickness, arc diameter, radius, slot angle, Rangle, PIN spacing, etc.)Geometric tolerance (Perpendicularity, flatness, concentricity of two circles, true roundness, straightness)


Packing & shipping:

Each machine packed with export wooden case to ensure the machine safety.

packing wooden case

After Sales Service

The customer can send the engineer to our company to complete the inspection of the goods, as well as the installation and training lessons, but the Visa fee, round tickets, accommodation, eating, and the allowance will be on customer's side.

Or we will send the engineers to install and test the machines and have training lessons abroad, but the Visa fee, round tickets, accommodation, eating, and the allowance of 80USD per day per person will be on customer's side.



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