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CNC Turning And Milling Defect Free Aluminum Part for Robtics with Anodizing Surface
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CNC Turning And Milling Defect Free Aluminum Part for Robtics with Anodizing Surface

  • Item Name: CNC Turning And Milling Defect Free Aluminum Part for Robtics with Anodizing Surface
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Technique: CNC tuning and milling
  • Tolerance: +/-0.01mm
  • Surface: Anodized Surface
  • MOQ: start from 1pc, no MOQ request
  • Description: Turning And Milling Precision Aluminum Part for robtics,Aluminum Part with anodizing surface,Defect free aluminum part,Turning And Milling Precision Aluminum Part with anodizing surface,CNC turning aluminum part
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CNC Machining Services Provider for Robotics

We work in CNC turning and processing to create deformity free aluminum parts for mechanical technology applications. Our high level machining processes guarantee exact and precise outcomes, fulfilling the best guidelines. Also, we offer anodizing surface treatment to upgrade the sturdiness and style of the parts. With our ability in CNC machining and surface getting done, we can convey aluminum parts that meet your details as well as endure the requests of mechanical technology applications. Trust us to furnish you with superior grade, imperfection free aluminum parts that are prepared for mix into your automated frameworks.

Machining services

Product Show

We are proud to showcase our CNC machined aluminum parts for robotics applications. With our advanced machining processes, we have produced more than 10,000 defect-free parts with anodized and other surface treatment, ensuring durability and a sleek finish. We have served over 300 clients with our high-quality CNC machining services, providing them with precision-engineered parts that meet their exact specifications. Our expertise in CNC machining and robotics allows us to produce parts that are optimized for use in demanding robotic systems. Trust us to deliver reliable, high-quality parts that can withstand even the most challenging applications.

Gallery of surface treated parts


Welcome to our ISO certified factory, where we have a team of experienced workers and engineers dedicated to producing high-quality precision parts. Our workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and advanced technology to ensure efficient and accurate production processes. Our experienced workers and engineers are committed to meeting the highest quality standards and delivering exceptional results for every project. We take pride in our ISO certification, which reflects our commitment to quality management and continuous improvement. With our expertise and capabilities, we can provide you with precision parts that meet your exact specifications and exceed your expectations.


Quality Assurance

At our factory, we take quality assurance seriously and have implemented a comprehensive quality control system to ensure that every part we produce meets the highest standards. 

  • Our quality control process begins with an incoming material check to ensure that all materials meet our strict specifications. 

  • We provide an instruction sheet on the machine for operators to follow, 

  • And they also perform self-checks to ensure that each part meets the required specifications.

  • Our quality person checks the first part and performs random checks throughout the production process to ensure that all parts meet our standards. 

  • Before shipment, we perform a final quality check to ensure that each part meets the customer's specifications and is free from defects. 

Our commitment to quality assurance ensures that our customers receive precision parts that meet their exact requirements and are of the highest quality.


Safety Packaging

At our facility, we understand the importance of safe packaging to protect your valuable CNC machined parts during transportation. That's why we offer professional and secure packing options at no additional cost to you. Our packaging options include foam packs, bubble packs, blister packaging, EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) inserts, wooden cases, and cartons.

  • Foam packs and bubble packs provide cushioning and protection against impacts and vibrations during transit. 

  • Blister packaging offers a clear and secure way to display and protect individual parts. 

  • EVA inserts are custom-designed to securely hold and protect parts during shipping. 

  • Wooden cases provide robust and durable protection for larger or more delicate parts. 

  • Cartons are used for standard packaging and can be reinforced for added protection.

By utilizing these various packaging options, we ensure that your CNC machined parts arrive at their destination in pristine condition, ready to be integrated into your robotics systems. Rest assured that our professional packing solutions will safeguard your parts throughout the shipping process.




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